On Target!

amara illumination’s headlamp provides a constant, stable, and fixed source of light that does not vary while the dental practitioner works.


Lighting in dentistry is a number one priority.

Current dental procedure lighting designs are good at providing general lighting, but struggle as a point source of illumination. Ceiling-mounted lights have to constantly be repositioned to provide an adequate amount of light. Worse, these overhead lamps are easily blocked and cast hard shadows.

It is common for dentists to wear headlamps to enhance their vision while working.

amara illumination’s dental headlamp allows practitioners to fix the light on one predetermined spot, eliminating the shadows cast by the overhead lamp. Our headlamps provide a uniform and constant beam pattern that does not vary as the working distance changes. Our sensors and algorithms require small computation power to constantly track and measure the distance from our headlamp to the patient.

This creates stability, a safer workplace, and most importantly, the light beam always stays on target!

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Manith Chhay

Dr. Manith Chhay, DDS

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Chhay is a practicing dentist with almost 10 years of experience. He founded his own clinic that provides comprehensive dental care, including examination of abnormalities and dental implant surgeries. Dr. Chhay leads his successful team of dentists and continuously trains them in the advanced science of dentistry. He completed a Bachelor of Dentistry and achieved a Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) from the International University in Cambodia.

Lekhena Em

Chief Operating Officer

Lekhena has over 10 years of experience as a human resource leader. Today, she acts as CEO and managing director at Manith’s dental clinic. Lekhena is responsible for managing the operations and implementing the clinic’s strategic direction, ensuring they meet their organization and financial goals and objectives. Lekhena accomplished a Bachelor of Commerce (Majoring in Management) from Deakin University in Australia.

Lekhana Em

“Incorporating headlamps in dentistry is an essential aspect in the goal of ergonomics.”
– Dr. Manith Chhay, DDS